Welcome to a world of Monsters

“Oh god, please.” He cries out.

“Your god is fucking you. Your god is balls deep in your ass. Your god doesn’t give a fuck if it hurts. Your god has no mercy.”

The man can do nothing but cry, a horrid ugly cry as my dark king fills him with cock.

“Shh.” I pet him gently. “Shh now. I can make it feel good for you.” I promise, evil filling my voice.

I run my hand down his chest. “All you have to do is beg me.” I whisper.

“Please. Please help me.” Tears falling from his eyes. I know he means it with all of his poor pitiful heart.

I kiss him suddenly, stuffing my tongue into his mouth, drinking his pain and terror. Oh, how sweet it is. I grab his cock and begin stroking it gently, I push my power into him and swallow his screams. I play him on the edge and soon the pain turns to pleasure and he will love me forever more.

“Now, Jaevia!” Jack shouts, I break the kiss and let my fangs snap down. There’s a moment of horror that crosses his features, but even that is swallowed by the pleasure of my power.

Jack and I, like mirrored images, strike either side of the prey’s neck. He screams for us again and oh do we feast upon his horror and need.

We don’t stop, we drink and drink… we drink him down. Blood spills from my mouth, down his flesh, my flesh, our flesh… sticky, and warm, and thick. I feel the power building, both his release of passion and of life; intertwined as one.

The screaming stops, all that is left is one last whispered plea as we give him that release he does so desire. We drink his spirit, and passion, and blood… we take it all, everything he has to give.

We are the evil the world fears, the monsters in the dark, and upon this rock I shall build my church.

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