Random thoughts:

I've been told to change the style of my books if I want to sell more, even recently I was told my covers look "dated" and was also advised naked man-chest was the way to go. The popular thing now are those fake cartoony looking covers. But I always resisted, because:

1. I just didn't feel that style cover fit my work, I'm not YA, and my subject matter even past the sex is adult and serious in nature. I.e.: dealing with significant trauma and mental disorders like SPD, PTSD, and Stockholm syndrome.

2. I believe the readers I'm looking for are a bit more mature and complex in nature to be teased into reading a book because of a naked man on the cover.

If you're selling a flash hot sexy read (which I write and love to read at times) then naked man chest, yes. But if you want to delve into a world of monsters and madness, sparkles and abs just wasn't going to cut it and I refuse to try and sell you a lie for the sake of money.

I did have a moment of weakness and decided maybe to try the more cartoon styles, which was the flash of high color cartoony looking teasers I did for a while, you'll never see them again.

It wasn't until I kept fucking with the SCM cover and got to the sleek bloody cover that the lightbulb went off. I loved it, I loved it because it was a true representation of my work, my art, my story. So I made peace with myself over how I wanted to present TE.

Sometimes you have to make your own path, go against the grain, and deal with the consequences if it doesn't pan out. But I have to say, I'm proud in knowing even if I never sell another fucking book, I will travel my career with my vision and integrity intact.

I love the dark, sleek look I'm developing for TE, so look out for a hell of a lot more of it, and I hope you enjoy!