One of my favorite scenes from Sacred Bones so far

The door sits open, I stop at the doorway and examine the gorgeousness that is Lucien in kink wear.

“Got-fucking-damn.” I say like its all one word. All six and a half feet of a muscle rippling Lucien in black. Skin tight leather pants, his cock looks… “Wow”. The shirt is some material that has just a touch of a shine to it, stretching across his rippling abs, massive pecs, the sleeves straining over his biceps in a way that makes my mouth go dry… “God.”

“See!” Jack says waving an arm me.

The leather isn’t smooth is has a stitched pattern on it and I swear in just blends and molds perfectly to display the strength of his thighs.

Finally I look into his eyes and he looks… shocked.

“You’ve… you’ve never looked at me that way before.” He whispers.

“I’ve always found you deathly handsome. You know that.”

“But you have never looked at me like that Jaevia… never.”

I shrug a shoulder, “lose the all the time ready to wear BDU pants sometimes.”

He grins, “You like to see my cock on display Wench?”

“You’re right… never mind. Just wear it for me.” I smile.

He nods to Jack. “The clothes will do Bloodsucker.”

Jack turns away blowing out a breath. “Shower Jaevia.” He points irritated. No one would be able to tell he’s supposed to be the slave tonight.

I hold up my hands, “I’m going.”

Jack harasses me into hurrying up and even opts to skip washing my hair, luckily he just washed it yesterday after jizzing in it. I lotion down quickly as he curl