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Kieran Monicue is the head of the world’s largest corporation, KIRA, she’s also a psychopath, every Sin Eater is.

She’s been cursed to immortality, to live and die again and again until she can find a way to open the gates to hell. For that she needs Cade Marcel. 

Cade Marcel is young and righteous. He’s just graduated from law school and receives a call to report to Kieran Monicue’s office. She wants him to write her memoirs, a record of her life and her decisions, so that mankind may understand the reason she set them down such a dark path. After all, she is the villain in this story. 

*Events within this novel occur directly after the events of Snow Covered Moon.* 
*CANNOT be read as a stand alone* 
*Graphic sexual scenes and BDSM*

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