Stigmata: a mark of disgrace

Jaevia, Jack and Lucien have overcome every obstacle before them to reach this moment - their wedding day - but soon they will find out, the darkest demons they must conquer for happiness, will come from within.

Join the Eventide Triad on this sweeping adventure as they traverse the gritty streets of Baltimore and the golden sands of the Sahara; learning finally what it will mean, and what it will take, to be the Queen and Kings that destiny demands them to be.

Can they bend the sands of time to their will and make past sins clean again? Make past mistakes right? And are they willing to pay the price?

Stigmata is in total, over 326,000 words, 170 chapters, 1,000 pages... filled with laughter, love, heartache, battles, and broken promises - weaved together as the story is told from Jaevia's, Jack's, and Lucien's POV (Clearly marked at the top of each chapter)

Act 1 - Wedding of the Damned 
Act 2 - Return of the God-King 
Act 3 - Rise of the Blood Moon

Stigmata Paperback