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My name is Micky Grimm and I’ve always been a witch down on my luck -

if I ever had any luck to begin with that is.

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When the police find a dead body in my car, life really gets interesting. Of all things, the victim was hexed using hemlock – as if I would ever use such basic magic to kill someone.

With a new body on the ground killed with magic, Baltimore City is thrown into chaos as humans remember why they feared and hated hexed bloods – threatening the very fragile armistice humans and paranormal races have lived with in relative peace for the past two-hundred years.

To clear my name, and get this bullseye off my back, I reluctantly agree to cooperate with the police.

A Detective with DOMM – Department of Magical Malfeasance – is stalking my every move, just like the flea-bag he is, and no witch likes that. His name is Logan Matthews, a werewolf with an attitude problem you wouldn’t believe. He hates himself, all paranormal beings, but witches especially.

Filled with dark magic and toxic romance, let Hexed Blood and Hemlock take you on a gritty adventure sure to make your toes curl.

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logan matthews is a happily married man with the most adorable kid. he's also a cop with the baltimore city police department.

magic has always existed in the world, and for the past 200 years the human kind and paranormal kind have lived in relative peace - more or less.

but at times our worlds collide in the worst of ways.

get this free prequel to the hexed blood series just by preordering the shadows and sorcery boxed set!

welcome to a world of magic

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